For British designer Andrew Hays, emotion is everything. Since founding the luxury kitchen and design brand Cabbonet in 2019, he has developed a collection of materials and finishes (read: brushed titanium hardware, warm walnut casework, Calacatta marble countertops) with a rich, tactile quality that often elicits a strong emotional response. “I want designers to use our materials and finishes to deliver projects that feel very personal,” Hays says. “We’ve seen a massive movement toward eclectic, warm, nostalgic, homey spaces. Even if [their homes are] contemporary, people want to feel a sense of comfort.”

With the recent opening of Cabbonet’s first Rocky Mountain West studio, which is located inside the Exquisite Kitchen Design showroom at the Denver Design District, Coloradans can now outfit their cookspaces with the brand’s high-quality collection of classic and cutting-edge European materials. This subtle balance of old and new is what inspired Mikal Otten, owner of Exquisite Kitchen Design, to bring Cabbonet to Denver. “I love the fresh and innovative range of materials and finishes that is paired nicely with new technologies in hinging and sliding elements,” he explains.

Hays sees the brand’s emphasis on organic materials as a natural fit for the Colorado design scene; another Cabbonet showroom is set to open in Vail this fall. “Because of our material flexibility, from cast-iron door finishes to heavily brushed woods and metals, we’re able to respond to the architecture and the environment the building is in,” Hays says. While context is key for Cabbonet, ultimately, the brand is known for dramatic kitchens that tap into something deeper. As Hays puts it, “I think the biggest reason our product resonates is that people feel a sense of soul in it.”

Installed in the new Denver design studio, a walk-in pantry from Cabbonet’s Montane collection features a ribbed gray-oak door, pale-oak open shelving, and a woven-bronze sliding screen. Photo by George Sharman, courtesy of Cabbonet

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Tucked inside Exquisite Kitchen Design, Cabbonet’s Denver gallery allows clients to touch, feel, and test the luxury brand’s customizable kitchen systems. To schedule an appointment, visit