etsyinviteWhile I’m all for using Evites to invite guests to our wedding, my groom-to-be has expressed an interest in creating a physical, lasting invitation to our celebration. And I get his point: If you’re hosting an event at which you’re pledging your life to another person, it’s nice to have mementos.

One place to accomplish this task is clear: Etsy. After searching for locally made invitations, I stumbled onto these adorable owl-themed options that are also eco-friendly.

Made in Denver by Lauren Lowe Design, the invitations are printed on brown card stock that contains 100 percent recycled fibers. Rest assured that trees didn’t die so you could send out cute wedding invitations. The cards are sold individually for $2.75 each, and Lowe also offers matching RSVP, travel, and reception cards. Finally, she allows you customize the cards with your choice of fonts and colors.

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