If the Colorado Rockies give you a contract worth more than $150 million to play baseball, the least you can do is win a World Series, says Troy Tulowitzki, and the Rox expect him to lead the way. “We are going to win here; we are going to do it….I know the huge responsibility that comes with this contract,” Tulo told reporters yesterday after signing the offer (via The Denver Post and video via the team’s website).

The reaction to the massive new contract, which will keep Tulo at Coors Field through 2020, continues to pour in from across the country, and opinions remain split. ESPN seems to see the value in the deal for both Tulo and the team, wondering if the Rockies just locked up the best shortstop in baseball. Sports Illustrated understands why Tulo agreed to the deal and praises him for sticking with the mid-market Rockies. But, SI continues, “timing is everything, and the timing of this extension is all wrong.” Tulo was already locked into Denver through 2014, and now the Rockies are screwed if Tulo under-performs at any point in the deal. Yahoo! Sports has a mixed view: The Rockies had to lock down Tulo early in order to prevent him from flirting with the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox, but “for a self-styled Dirtbag who loves growing mullets and working on old Camaros, that amount—combined with the $45 million he’s already owed—is more money than he could spend.”