The cold weather can sap your enthusiasm for exercise. Maintain your drive by signing up for a summer or fall race—preferably one you’ll look forward to.

If you like to… climb fourteeners while singing “America the Beautiful”

Mot1Run the…
Pikes Peak ascent
Why? This race winds 7,815 feet up Pikes Peak’s beautiful—and difficult—Barr Trail.
Sign Up:
Lace up: Aug. 16–17, 2014
or Try: Mt. Evans Ascent;

If you like to… finish a race with a Grateful Dead–concert-worthy T-shirt

Mot2Run the…
Color Run 5K

Why? Sprayers coat you and your white shirt with color at every kilometer.
Sign Up:
Lace up: July 19, 2014
or Try: 5K Foam Fest;

If you like to… scramble over obstacles that would challenge special forces soldiers

Mot3Run the…
Tough Mudder

Why? At 10 to 12 miles in distance, this run isn’t quite as long as a half marathon—but it may be more difficult, given that you’ll face long drops, ice baths, barbed wire, and, gulp, electric shocks.
Sign Up:
Lace up: Sept. 6–7, 2014 in Snowmass Village.
or Try: Warrior Dash;