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Sitting Pretty

From scientific skin-care regimens to high-tech body sculpting, here are ways to freshen up what you see in the mirror.

5280 Health 2014


Top Dentists 2013

For the sixth year running, 5280 partnered with topDentists to find the 645 very best dentists in Denver and beyond. Turn the page to find a dentist who’s right for you—and tips for keeping your smile healthy at any age.

Top Doctors 2013: The List

High Strung

The anxiety epidemic in the U.S. has driven many sufferers to short term treatment.


Health 2014 Web Exclusive: Chemical Independence

Angels & Demons: Food Myths Decoded

Sounds Of Silence

Although my hearing loss often makes me feel alone, the rapidly growing number of hard-of-hearing Americans suggests that’s not really the case.

Health 2014 Web Exclusive: Desperately Seeking Pain Relief

From the Editor

Mind Games

A letter from the editor of 5280 Health 2014.


By the Numbers

Can lack of sleep make you gain weight?

Let’s Talk About Sex

Missed Opportunity

The HPV vaccine prevents cancer. So why aren’t more Colorado parents demanding it for their kids?

Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

Denver employers: The office is slowly killing your staff. Follow this guide to save your cubicle dwellers.

Energy Barometer

Colorado-made sports drinks and snacks are superpopular. But are they right for you?


Gut Check

Move over, gluten-free: Probiotics are the new darling on the food-fad scene.

Choose Your Motivation

The cold weather can sap our enthusiasm for exercise. Here’s how to maintain.

CrossFit Craze

Coloradans love the oft-debated exercise program. Should you join in?

Cell Service

Children’s Hospital Colorado hopes to find an effective treatment for mitochondrial diseases.

How To Save A Life

When faced with a sudden injury, do you have what it takes to be the hero?

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