The Centennial State’s cold, dry winters are notorious for wringing the moisture out of your epidermis—which helps explain why these locals have gone to such lengths to find ways to keep Coloradans’ skin supple all year long.


On a trip to Japan, Denverite Orion Brown was unable to find humidity-fighting products that would prevent her natural curls from turning into a frizzy mess. So Brown set out to create products specifically designed for Black voyagers, who are often shut out from the travel-size section. But Brown’s favorite offering works just as well at home in Colorado: The Body Balm, a creamy body butter, is made with mango to help restore skin elasticity. And though competitors’ lotions can be around 60 to 80 percent water, Brown’s highly concentrated products contain no added H2O: A two-ounce jar of her salve will last you as long as an eight-ounce container of mass-market gunk, making BlackTravelBox the perfect option for travelers who want a little to go a long way. Body Balm, $8

Freedom Creators Co

Photo courtesy of Freedom Creators, Co

Talisa Caldwell suffered from eczema and allergies her whole life, but the over-the-counter lotions she bought made her breakouts worse, while prescription medication proved to be a temporary remedy. That drove her to found Colorado Springs–based Freedom Creators Co, which only uses ingredients that won’t irritate your already aching skin. Caldwell’s hottest-selling ointment is the Skin Balm, a moisturizer made with grapeseed oil, which can reduce pain and swelling from eczema, and coconut oil, a natural anti-inflammatory that can help treat acne. Not only does Freedom make your skin feel good, but with Caldwell donating 10 percent of each purchase to a Ugandan orphanage, your conscience is sure to shine, too. Skin Balm, $25

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Colorado Aromatics

Biochemist Cindy Jones grows more than 30 herbs on her Longmont farm, each with its own specific skin-salving purpose. Knuckle Balm, intended for those with especially beat-up mitts, is made of calendula to promote healing and plantain to help soothe aggravated skin. Colorado Aromatics’ products aren’t only crafted from natural ingredients; the company has also previously enlisted conservation biologists to survey Jones’ farm and strategize ways to reduce environmental impacts, manage invasive pests, and support the wild animals that frequently roam its rows. Knuckle Balm, $16

This article was originally published in 5280 Health 2024.
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