Each year brings a new batch of wellness trends, most of which are worthy of an eye roll. Others feel more intuitive. In 2023, for example, Mindbody, a California-based fitness tech company, announced that what nearly half of 20,000 survey respondents really wanted from their wellness routines (besides chiseled abs) was a sense of community—a natural reaction to our increasingly remote lifestyles. Fortunately, Denver is full of opportunities for people seeking to transcend the solo sweat and flex their physical, mental, and social muscles.

Photo courtesy of Pearl Street Fitness

Pearl Street Fitness

This Washington Park outpost has become an icon in the Denver fitness scene not only for its dynamic workouts (focused on strength and conditioning with cardio sprinkled in) but because owner Kerry Audie fosters a Cheers-like atmosphere by encouraging coaches to memorize every member’s name. $149 per month for unlimited classes

Start here: Pearl Street offers special March programming to help revive any flagging New Year’s goals—a good chance to meet others who share your need for extra motivation.


Although focused on building a presence in a historically whitewashed sport, the Trailtinos trail running group is also about having fun. Laura Cortez and Victor Fallon co-founded the outfit for Latinx/Hispanic runners after years of being the only people of color in their running groups. Now, about 10 to 15 runners meet up monthly for casual trots, summer trail runs, and the occasional race. Free

Start here: Trailtinos gathers at Raíces Brewing every second Tuesday of the month for a short run (2.6 miles) and pints after.

Photo courtesy of Worth the Fight Boxing

Worth the Fight Boxing

Thinking outside the ring, Worth the Fight is a sleek, simple gym consisting of 20 punching bags, spaced to give each boxer ample room. The classes incorporate the bags as well as mitt work, using traditional high-intensity plyometrics to work up a satisfying sweat, while coaches who feel like your personal cornerperson (thanks to after-class get-togethers and social hours) motivate you to keep swinging till you hear the bell. Memberships start at $89 per month

Start here: The Fight & Flex class begins with punching and finishes with restorative yoga.

Movement RiNo

At this climbing gym, newbies are not annexed to one area—there are beginner problems scattered throughout the facility—empowering them to connect with fellow climbers no matter how advanced. Plus, Movement features a yoga studio and an open gym and is next to taproom Improper City (where members enjoy drink specials), meaning there are many different opportunities to make friends. $102 per month for unlimited climbing

Start here: The co-working space makes it easy to squeeze in some climbing between meetings.

Life’s 2 Short Fitness

Lauren Jones started Life’s 2 Short in 2016 to organize group outings and coaching for women who want to trail run, mountain bike, and stand-up paddleboard on the Front Range. Even if you’re not a member, you can travel to curated retreats—such as an eight-day SUP and yoga trip (from $3,100) to Costa Rica in February. $139 per year

Start here: Life’s 2 Short hosts active Facebook groups (such as Women Mountain Bikers of Colorado) for trail sisters to connect.