If we were to say the words “Boulder food,” what’s the first thing that would pop into your head? Tofu, right? Or granola…. Well, lately, Boulder’s super-healthy herds are going the way of the rest of the country and embracing the high-cal comfort-food trend. It started innocently in Boulder: a candy store here, a cupcake bakery there. Now it’s fried potatoes and peanut butter fudge on every corner. Everywhere you look in Boulder there’s a place to fall off your triathlon diet. Here, a small sampling.

2010 10th St., 303-444-1836

Spud Bros.’ simple concept is deliciously unhealthy: The shop’s specialty is fries (plus a couple of soups). Order the thickly cut spuds baked or deep-fried; sprinkled with sea salt or smothered in chili; and with a side of ranch, wasabi ketchup, garlic aïoli, or fry sauce. For those lingering health nuts out there, appease yourself with the shop’s steamed broccoli (appropriately called “Boulder fries”).

1200 Pearl St., Suite 110, 303-413-3060

Gummy worms, Swedish Fish, Pixy Stix…so delish! With a Wonka-esque selection of old-school candy, this Pearl Street sugar shack is a special treat for kids and adults alike. The biggest hits of late are the nostalgic sweets such as Charleston Chews, Candy Buttons, and Laughy Taffys.

1911 Broadway, 303-444-4999

This family-owned bakery opens at 4 p.m. and stays open till 2 a.m., which means it’s catering to one thing only: late-night cravings. And with its tastes-like-homemade selection of 26 cookie flavors (try the toffee nut), 10 cupcake varieties (don’t miss the carrot cake), plus super-decadent brownies, pies, cakes, and milk shakes, you might find yourself wandering over there too. Better yet, call in for home delivery.

2018 Broadway, 303-444-4191

The Boulder outpost of this local franchise serves up 50 delicious crêpe varieties—both savory and sweet. Plus, it’s got a liquor license and is open late. Grab a Bass ale and a gooey strawberry-Nutella crêpe (topped with whipped cream, of course) for a calorie-packed nightcap.

TWO SPOONS (formerly called Gelato Bacio)
1021 Pearl St., 303-545-0027

The creamy, rich gelato tastes just like its Italian counterpart (it’s even served up in those petal-like plastic cups you find in Rome). But every flavor—whether it’s strawberry or malt-stracciatella, cappuccino, or hazelnut—is whipped up fresh in-house. Why choose when you can nab a quadruple scoop?