A penchant for precision is advantageous to a chef—but even more so for a chocolatier. Jon Robbins, executive chef and owner of Bistro Barbès and owner of Temper Chocolates, is both. Robbins opened Temper Chocolates in the Denver Central Market in September, and since then he’s been wowing shoppers with fine truffles and confections whose shiny brown shells gleam from across the room. That perfect “temper”—the precise process of heating and cooling chocolate—is a skill that Robbins has mastered. We first tasted his prowess when we sampled one of the peppermint patties at Barbès. The chocolate shell snapped, and the fondant inside was beautifully reminiscent of muddled mint leaf. Now, at Temper, Robbins has a full line of flavors (those peppermint patties; green apple yuzu; salted caramel jalapeño; strawberry basil) that change regularly. If ever you see the banana with roasted peanut gianduja, buy as many as you can afford.