Cakes are for birthdays. Ice cream sandwiches are for picnics. Pumpkin pie is for Thanksgiving. But not all desserts need special occasions, and indeed, that’s the best thing about a galette, says Jayne Yelich of Sweet Jayne’s. “They’re kind of rustic; you can eat them anywhere, at any time,” she says. And when it comes to baking, the open-faced, free-form pastries are Yelich’s favorite. Yelich, who started her cottage pastry business seven years ago, recently left her post as general manager at Potager to pursue Sweet Jayne’s full time. Yelich’s secret to sweet galette success? She places a mixture of ground almonds and sugar between the crust and the seasonal fruit. “That soaks up the fruit’s juices and keeps the crust crisp,” she says. “Plus, the almonds add crunch.” You can find Yelich and her golden-crusted galettes (not to mention pies and tarts) at the South Pearl Street Farmers Market most Sundays through November 13. Arrive early to ensure you don’t miss out on the tasty treats.