Local Republicans must be wincing every time they pick up a newspaper.

In The Aurora Sentinel, columnist Chuck Green asks, “Will the Colorado GOP elect a Democrat?” A headline in The Colorado Statesman gets to the heart of the matter: “Tancredo: ‘I’m no longer a Republican’—Former congressman says, ‘All hell will break loose!'”

And if you’re Dick Wadhams, the guy who has the tough job of herding the political cats as chairman of Colorado’s Republican Party, that hell is near.

Dumpdickwadhams.com states: “Since his last successful political endeavor in 2004, Dick has done nothing but destroy campaigns, ruin lives, and practice the politics of hate and deceit.”

The privately registered website provides no indication of who is behind the effort, which includes an online petition to “dump Dick.” The site goes on to chide Wadhams for his recent radio confrontation with Tancredo, who left the GOP this week to run for governor under the American Constitution Party. “Tell Dick that Republicans don’t pay him $150,000 a year so that he and his ‘insider’ friends can pick candidates for us in Colorado,” the site adds.

The Denver Post grants anonymity to one source involved in the attack on Wadhams, a “reluctant” McInnis supporter who says, “This is not led by ‘McInnis guys.’ This is led by grassroots, central-committee types and Tea Party-types who are fed up with the lack of quality candidates and the lack of quality leadership at the party level.”