Colorado boasts top training facilities for just about every high-adrenaline sport out there, from our Olympian-worthy ski resorts to tricked-out climbing gyms for rock jocks (see “Greater Reach: Movement Climbing + Fitness Makes Its Denver Debut”). But local BMX riders have been frozen out of the off-season training sessions. Until now. In December, Evolve Action Sports Park, a 13,500-square-foot indoor playground, opened just off I-25 in south Denver. Here, BMX bike, skateboard, and even in-line skate riders can tailwhip, flip, and fly. “We have the talent in Colorado,” says general manager Chris Olivier, “but there really haven’t been dedicated spaces for practicing and taking that next step, so most of our good riders move to California.”

Evolve’s modular design enables staff to regularly (and rapidly) swap the quarterpipes, rails, and other features around, depending on participants’ skill levels, making the spot one of the most dynamic parks in the West. If you’re not ready for the halfpipe just yet, Evolve runs live-action video and photography classes along with beginner riding lessons. Olivier, a veteran BMX rider, has his eye on upping the state’s talent by focusing on youth: “We’re starting them early—it’s part of our plan for world domination,” he says. But first up: dominating the local scene with First Friday contests for the region’s top riders. 730 S. Jason St., 303-942-1379