Chris Turner and Paul Wrona understand a beautiful truth about the Centennial State: to live here is to spend much of life outside. Which is why Elevate by Design, the Denver outdoor-architecture firm they co-founded in 2012, brings the same rigorous pursuit of beauty and livability to outdoor spaces as the design trade has always devoted to home interiors.

Now the duo is making another smart move in the name of our beloved outdoor lifestyle, by debuting a line of sleek concrete-and-metal fire pits, all handcrafted here in Colorado. Called Nisho, the collection comprises eight designs that fit seamlessly into spaces like the lovely minimalist backyards Elevate by Design creates.

The Nyx
The Nyx, in birch. Starting at $6,500.

Their idea is long overdue—and right on target. “We want to push people to connect with nature; to not get too crazy or busy with our landscapes, but to take what nature has provided and work from that framework,” says Wrona, who, along with Turner and their team, creates thoughtful spaces for people to relax and gather alfresco, often building them around the elements of fire and water. But the designers kept bumping into the same problem: They couldn’t find ready-to-order fire pits that fit their vision. The options were underwhelming, so they created their own. “We felt like if anybody knew what would work—what would be aesthetically pleasing and super functional—it might be us,” Turner says.

The Notus
The Notus, in carbon. Starting at $5,900.

As hoped, Nisho delivers on style and function. The pre-cast concrete and metal fire pits, all swooping curves and clean angles, double as modern outdoor art and provide plenty of table space for drinks and bites. All you have to do is summon your friends and add one of those famously crisp Colorado evenings.

Available at Creative Living in Denver; 1101 Santa Fe Dr., 720-222-9509;,