Opening day at Coors Field has arrived, and depending on your age or taste buds, you may be the target of a couple national marketing campaigns. One is a rebrand of sorts for Major League Baseball (New York Times). In an attempt to catch the attention of the 18-34 demographic, the plan includes a new tagline (“MLB Always Epic”), a micro-site, players attempting comedy in TV and Web-only commercials, and plenty of pushing via Facebook and Twitter. Among the first batch of players to star in the ads is Colorado Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez, whose commercial is embedded below.

Another campaign comes from Aramark, a food concessionaire at various MLB team stadiums, including Coors Field, which may ask you to vote on your favorite new sandwich if you stop by for some grub (Denver Business Journal). Competing to satiate your hunger will be the stadium’s other food and beverage spots, including a new club area and a pizza and gelato joint (Elevated Voices). No matter how you lay the foundation for your beers, you’ll want to visit All Things Rockies to see Troy Tulowitzki’s rattail up close and find out which songs he’s considering for his walk-up.