You know that hour right before lunch, when the stomach growls and the mind wanders? Visions of a warm, cheesy panini and cool cucumber soup begin to override the to-do list. Well, some of our favorite food websites just developed the perfect way to pass that too-long-to-wait, pre-lunch hour: They’ve launched culinary photo sites.

Bon Appétit has its own Flickr group and Serious Eats launched a sister site, Photograzing. In addition to collections of your typical, highly stylized magazine photos, these sites host the pictures of pedestrian eaters and food aficionados. A quick pre-lunch peek reveals eats like mom’s ice-cream-cone cupcakes and a dinner of pork tenderloin Asian avocado salad. These mouthwatering photos make good eating seem just a snap away. Goodbye, pre-lunch miseries.