Life has been rough for Greeley’s Osama bin Laden hunter, Gary Faulkner, since he was featured in a lengthy profile in the September edition of GQ. In the magazine, he shares some of the particulars of his rough-and-tumble, trial-and-error lifestyle—like the purchase of a hang glider and a 2006 test flight in Israel that ended after mere seconds with several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

Faulkner had believed that by the time the article went to print he would be carrying out another mission to kill bin Laden from a cave in Pakistan. Instead, he’s contending with an arrest for alleged domestic violence and third-degree assault in the wake of a car crash on Wednesday (via 9News).

Faulkner was riding in Jennifer Logie-Oliver’s SUV at the time of the crash. Though Faulkner claims he was behind the wheel at one point, Logie-Oliver was arrested for driving under the influence. Faulkner says the two drove to Clear Creek County to hike and for target practice, having a “couple of drinks” together before the accident. Troopers say bruises on Logie-Oliver are not consistent with those typically seen in a crash, but Faulkner maintains that “they were very superficial, actually. I think it was more mascara than anything else. You could look at her right now and there’s nothing on her whatsoever. She wasn’t beat down or anything like that.” Faulkner is due in court later this month.