The 787 Dreamliner isn’t the only international connection to land in Denver recently. In June, Cherry Creek North welcomed Tikwid (named after an Animal Collective tune), a sparsely decorated shop focused on high-end, global street style. Owner Garry Logan Ledbetter opened the store to encourage men—ladies get just a smidge of the shelf space—to experiment with their wardrobes.

Tikwid’s wares are curated much like an art gallery, with limited numbers of each piece displayed on widely spaced hangers (the store houses additional stock off the floor) and wooden shelves. We honed in on the SSAP NYC Anorak hooded jacket and One Wolf’s Wolf denim trouser, a modern take on turn-of-the-century French military pants. If you need advice, Ledbetter or general manager Jonathan Hermes will happily guide you through the one-of-a-kind collections to gems such as a pair of handcrafted black leather boots by Robert Geller for Common Projects. 2434 E. Third Ave., 303-333-1358,