I probably won’t be hitting all the cool parties in the clubs this weekend, but at least there are some fun options for my favorite furballs.

You won’t see me running — or walking — any 5K races today, or in the next 4- 6 weeks until my ankle heals. But I might hobble over to Wash Park tonight at 6 p. m. with my dog Riley, where hundreds of costumed kids, adults, dogs, and cats will be getting ready to run in the Scream Scram 5K run/walk to raise money for the Colorado chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. They’ll also have a 100-meter Spooky Sneak for the kids, and costume contests for adults, kids, and (of course, being Wash Park) for your four-legged costumed canines and scaredy-cats. You can still register today on site for the race, ($27 adults, $19 kids and seniors) near the start at the southeast corner of the park near Downing and Louisiana.

Can’t get Fido or Fluffy ready for their costumed debut in time for tonight’s festivities? Get the costumes ready and head to macymacy, a “doggie couture” and pet specialty boutique on 17th between Franklin and Gilpin, for Sunday’s Halloween pet parade and party starting at 3 p.m. Of course, you can plan to arrive early and shop in the boutique itself, where plenty of darling doggie outfits await; owner Macy Matarrazzo has made it her quest in life to “help nude dogs everywhere find a wardrobe.”