“Disney gone wrong” is how my friend Kelly aptly described Saturday night’s well-attended and lavishly turned out Hellywood party thrown by Tim Gill and Adam Williams. The party’s “Once Upon a Time” fairy-tale theme led to a sea of drinking and gyrating variations of characters like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and the Three Little Pigs.

In attendance: Rocky Mountain News gal-about-town Penny Parker dressed as Dorothy, Mezcal and La Rumba owner Jesse Morreale as a T-Rex construction worker, Out Front Colorado editor Greg Montoya as one of the three little pigs, JR’s owner Larry McDonald as a musketeer. Bouquets owners BJ Dyer and Guenther Vogt came as Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. Not a pretty sight.

I was forced to make myself comfortable at a table by the bar amongst the whimsical woodland decor, after I took a tumble earlier in the evening at the Denver Monster Bash at the Andenken gallery. Now I can relate to what people go through when you “throw your back out.” There’s a first time for everything, of course, but I’m hoping that this will be the last.

And though I spent most of my time at the party self-medicating with red wine and kamikaze shots (yes, a bad mix, but I was in a bad way), the people-watching alone made it worth sticking it out for the rest of the night. Check out the pics from 2002 and 2003; this year’s photos should be posted soon as well.