Meringue serves many purposes: It can top a pie, serve as a dessert base, or stand alone as a cookie. D Bar Desserts owner Keegan Gerhard shows how to whip up a batch.

Step 1) Set a pot of hot water on the stove with a metal bowl on top. The bowl shouldn’t touch the water. Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat to maintain a simmer.

Step 2) Use a liquid measuring cup to combine 6 ounces of egg whites (about 6 eggs) and 1¼ cups of sugar. Pour into the bowl and beat until thick, making sure you no longer can feel the grains of sugar.

Step 3) Put the mixture in a stand mixer. Whip until you have stiff peaks and the mixing bowl is no longer warm. Place in a piping bag and use to decorate pies or tarts, or to make cookies.