“Involve your kids in your daily operations. When you are at the grocery store, ask them to find specific fruits. When you are walking to the park, ask them to count the trees on the way. Even if you don’t have time or money to spare, be intentional with your interactions.” —Kayla Krittenbrink, first-grade teacher at Trevista at Horace Mann

“Engage your kids in the cultures and hobbies you love. Children are far easier to teach when they have a personal experience to tie to what we’re learning in the classroom.”—Nicole Ortiz, first- and second-grade teacher at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy in the ELA-Spanish classroom

“Give children time for creativity that focuses on discovery through process, not just an end goal. This can be as simple as letting them cut up a cereal box to make a rocket ship. When they show you a creation, ask the ‘why’ questions. Soon, you’ll see the distinct reasons of each of their creative decisions.” —Christina Reeves, elementary art teacher at McGlone Elementary