Designer Jerri Hobdy is shifting the green dial. Case in point: the inaugural furniture collection she designed for her home goods line, Meno, which prioritizes waste reduction, climate-friendly materials, and a minimal carbon footprint. “I launched the collection as a first step in the direction I believe the furniture industry needs to move,” Hobdy explains. “We are one of the largest contributors of bulky waste to U.S. landfills.”


The collection of seating and tables explores three elemental materials: stone, wood, and earth-friendly cactus leather. “Each material reflects my Mountain West locale—sometimes literally,” says Hobdy, who hand-picked remnant slabs from Denver stone yards for the limited-edition, locally fabricated tables (starting at $1,100). Though she’s designed for big brands (including Wisteria and Anthropologie) for years, Hobdy says this collection is personally meaningful. “I love creating beautiful objects, but the added layer of true intention around sustainability is infinitely more exciting.”