Rep. Diana Degette (D) District 1

Fire Monkey says: Your interpersonal skills will blossom.
Practical application: You don’t need much luck getting re-elected, not in your Democrat-heavy district. But as chief deputy whip—tasked with moving Democratic bills through the House—more potent powers of persuasion should come in handy.

Rep. Jared Polis (D) District 2

Fire Monkey says: Favor industries that involve culture (clothing counts, right?).
Practical application: Last year, the Office of Congressional Ethics investigated you for using your position to endorse products after Ninox, a Boulder designer, gave you a makeover. The House Ethics Committee cleared you. So keep strutting that hometown swag in 2016.

Rep. Scott Tipton (R) District 3

Fire Monkey says: Be wary of risky behavior.
Practical application: You represent a GOP stronghold. Continue to rail against Democratic agendas (you’ve already helped introduce a bill that calls for stricter screening of refugees) and you should be back battling D.C.’s fat cats in no time.

Rep. Ken Buck (R) District 4

Fire Monkey says: You will get along well with your boss.
Practical application: Your boss (your largely Republican constituents) elected you for your hard-line GOP beliefs. You haven’t disappointed: You broke with party leadership and joined the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus, which forced former Speaker of the House John Boehner to resign.

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) District 5

Fire Monkey says: Act conservatively to overcome uncertainties at work.
Practical application: That should be no problem. After all, you are the guy who refused to attend the 2012 State of the Union because of who was doing the stating.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R) District 6

Fire Monkey says: Building relationships will come easily.
Practical application: To edge out Morgan Carroll, former president of the Colorado Senate, you’ll need to maintain good relations with your increasingly Hispanic district. Then again, you’re a Republican in favor of immigration reform, so we aren’t telling you anything you don’t know.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D) District 7

Fire Monkey says: Keep a low profile to avoid controversies.
Practical application: Rumor has it you might have an eye on the governor’s seat in 2018. True? Not true? It doesn’t matter. Keep that eye focused on re-election before your thoughts turn to the Year of the Dog.

Senator Michael Bennet (D)

Fire Monkey says: You will come into a lot of money thanks to the kindness of others.
Practical application: Republicans view your seat as one of the few that could be flipped, so Dems are likely to bolster your bankroll. (You already had $5 million as of October 2015.)

Embedded images: (Ken Buck, Ed Perlmutter, Doug Lamborn, Mike Coffman) Courtesy of United States Congress; (Scott Tipton) Courtesy of Scott Tipton; (Diana Degette) Courtesy of Diana Degette; (Jared Polis) Courtesy of Jared Polis; (Senator Michael Bennet) Courtesy of United States Senate