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Top Doctors 2011: The List

Our annual, must-have guide to the best physicians—nearly 300 of them in more than 80 medical specialties—in the Mile High City.

5280 Health 2012


A Beautiful Mind

Emotional well-being is a state of health that many of us take for granted. But even the most stable psyche can wobble from time to time. Unfortunately, accessing mental health care can be a frustrating and confusing labyrinth. Here, we give you a basic map for navigating the maze.

The Primary Problem

Drs. Jennifer McLean and Amy Brown—who live in Denver and Glenwood Springs, respectively—practice in medically underserved areas of our state. It’s not what most doctors would call a choice position. They do it because they love it. But their jobs come with a fringe benefit that might make other would-be docs reconsider the waning career of general practitioner.

Top Dentists 2011

Finding a great dentist can be as challenging as trying to floss each night. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard part for you. 5280 tracked down Colorado’s best dentists—in eight specialties (including orthodontics!)—to keep your pearly whites, well, pearly.


Take Off

Colorado-based Flight for Life, one of the world’s most prestigious criticial-care transports, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

The Fear of Food

Denver’s Eating Recovery Center’s new Behavioral Hospital for Children and Adolscents is one of the few of its kind in the country.

Healing Prose

A Denver woman faces her eating disorder—and lives to blog about it.


Experts are learning that there may be a correlation between students’ grades and their health.

There’s An App for That

A Colorado health-care technology company wants you to try iTriage.

Healing Hands

Using perioperative therapy for postoperative pain.

The Fountain of Youth — in Colorado?

A Denver researcher breaks down an all-natural supplement that may keep age-related diseases at bay.

Chronic Cure

Medical marijuana is all the rage in Colorado—but does weed actually have medicinal benefits?

A Master Retires

Dr. Bill Nelson, Age: 81, Specialty: cardiologyDirector of Cardiology Education, Saint Joseph HospitalPracticed for 55 years; 26 in


Head Case

New legislation aims to protect Colorado’s young athletes from concussions.

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