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52 Ways to Detox Your Home and Live Healthier This Year

A dirty abode isn’t just embarrassing—it can make you sick. Consider this your starter kit to a healthier house and a healthier you.

5280 Health 2020


How to Retire Well in Colorado

Ensure you remain healthy enough to explore all four corners of the Centennial State by following our guide to staying fit and vigorous long into the best years of your life.


Providers Are Bringing New Hope to Colorado’s Behavioral Health Crisis

How UCHealth and others are spending millions to make sure patients get the access to care they need.

From the Editor

Retiring Right

A letter from the editors of 5280 Health‘s January 2020 issue.


Light Therapy Could Save The Planet (From Inflammatory Diseases)

A new facility in Evergreen wants to open its clients’ eyes to the power of photobiomodulation.

A New Online Course Reveals What Scientists Really Know About Marijuana’s Health Benefits

The professor behind a new online marijuana class hashes out what scientists know about the plant’s healing properties.

Our Writer Gets Stuck in the Maze of Modern Health Care

Colorado is a great place to find adventure—until you take a humiliating spill down a ski hill and into the patience-destroying, time-sucking, rage-inducing tar pit of modern medicine.

How the Children’s Museum of Denver’s New Adventure Forest Scares Your Kid Into Better Health

The recently unveiled playscape employs “risky play” to make your child stronger and smarter.

The Innovations That Will Revolutionize Health Care in Colorado

Say goodbye to insulin injections and hello to snake toxins.

A Colorado Startup Demystifies Baby-Making

Proov is helping women understand fertility—one bathroom break at a time.


7 Spots to Work up a Sweat in 2020

Our guide to some of the recent additions to the Mile High City’s fitness scene.

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