Man’s Best Tech Friend: A laptop has such smart security features that when one went missing recently, it took a picture of the potential thief and transmitted the photo back to the owner. Now the only problem is identifying the person in the photo (Daily Camera).

Let There Be Light: Enjoying the longer days? They could be here to stay if lawmakers put Colorado on permanent daylight saving time (Denver Post).

Imagining a Great Mayor: Former Denver Mayor and Clinton cabinet member Federico Peña has endorsed James Mejía in the 10-candidate mayor’s race. No word yet whether another popular former mayor, Wellington Webb, will make an endorsement, but he points to several candidates he considers family (Denver Post).

Ubaldo’s Not the Best? Colorado Rockies fans are rightly proud of Ubaldo Jimenez, the team’s best pitcher, right? ESPN isn’t convinced, telling fantasy baseball players he isn’t even a top-10 pitcher.

Nuclear Fallout: So many people showed up last night to express their opposition to a proposed nuclear facility in Pueblo County that the commissioners will continue hearing testimony tonight (Chieftain). Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Cory Gardner and Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall, both nuclear proponents, are expressing concerns over the situation in Japan (Denver Post).

Cruising in Consolation: With a chip on their shoulder after a very public snub from the NCAA Tournament, the University of Colorado men’s basketball team crushed its first opponent in the consolation National Invitation Tournament on Wednesday night (Associated Press). Meanwhile, the Pepsi Center is hosting several NCAA Tournament games starting today and expects to bring millions of dollars to the Denver-metro area (9News).

Out With the Old? Denver’s outgoing manager of safety, Mary Malatesta, cleaned a little house before leaving, firing two cops for lying (Denver Post). But that’s just a drop in the discipline bucket incoming manager Charley Garcia is inheriting (Westword).