Education > In November, voters approved new funds for our ailing public school system. Now, lawmakers will need to figure out how best to disburse the funds. And watch for a push by some legislators to support the Colorado ASSET Act, which offers reduced college tuition to undocumented immigrants.

Civil Unions > In one of our Legislature’s more bumbling episodes of 2012, a civil unions measure was buried amid partisan hackery. Expect to see it again this year. A big selling point: The majority of Colorado voters support it.

Mental Health > The Legislature will likely debate bills to improve funding for, and access to, mental health services. Compared to the rest of the country, Colorado has long been considered in the middling-to-miserable category when it comes to these programs.

Jobs > Last year, the GOP-controlled House helped defeat Senate Bill 12-001—the Hiring Coloradans First Act. The new leadership will likely revive the proposal, which rewards companies that hire Colorado workers.