Harry Bliss, a cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine, has designed a 250-pound, 5 1/2-foot, bloodstained chicken statue that the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to place near a McDonald’s on the 16th Street Mall. The chicken warps the fast-food corporation’s slogan into, “McCruelty: I’m Hatin’ It” (via The Denver Post).

PETA, which has applied for a permit to erect the statue, takes issue with McDonald’s’ Corporation’s poultry slaughtering practices. “This is the national debut of our Crippled Chicken Statue, designed to target McDonald’s and to alert people to the horrifying animal abuse that goes on behind closed doors,” Lindsay Rajt of PETA says, adding that McDonald’s, the largest seller of chicken in the United States, could force “less cruel” slaughter practices from suppliers. McDonald’s store and corporate representatives could not be reached, according to the Post.

PETA has been targeting corporate animal welfare practices for several years now and, in addition to visible campaigns, such as the one proposed for Denver, has been buying shares of companies like McDonald’s, according to The Los Angeles Times. By snapping up stock, PETA secures the right to present its ideas directly to company officials and other shareholders and even to submit shareholder resolutions with proposals to change practices.