We’ve officially entered the season where Colorado’s erratic weather can fluctuate from spring-like temps in the morning to a near-blizzard in the evening. Philip S. Miller Park in Castle Rock is the perfect antidote for this unruly weather, even when the smartest Centennial State parents forget to bring along a warm coat. The park’s indoor and outdoor offerings can keep up with Mother Nature’s indecision—and entertain your little ones for hours.

When it’s cold: Don’t fret when your outdoor plans get spoiled midway through your excursion—just head inside the 3,000-square-foot Miller Activity Complex (MAC). Your kids won’t be disappointed when the day’s Plan B includes checking out a three-story indoor play structure, a trampoline park ($7 per jumper), and indoor swimming pool. Admission is $5–$6 for kids ages 1–17, and $6–$7 for adults (dependent on Castle Rock residency).

When it’s warm: Explore the 2.5-acre Adventure Playground. Yes, there are slides and swings, but nothing in this park is expected—even the slides and swings. First, your little one can embark on a tangled web of ropes that resembles the structures monkeys play on at the zoo. Next, they’ll find a steep incline that looks like a mini American Ninja Warrior training ground—the suspended wood bridge, rope pull, and open-air tunnel all lead kids to the top of a 40-foot long yellow slide. There’s also a more traditional playground, which is dotted with integrated musical instruments and a giant four-person teeter-totter. And about the swings. The standard chain-link swings are replaced with about three-foot-wide swinging saucers that are fun for toddlers, big kids, and yes, even parents.

When it’s even warmer: If the temperature allows for a little wind to the face without frostbite (or complaints), make reservations to tackle all 110 obstacles on the Epic Sky Trek ($49; $29 for the kids’ course). Whether you’re riding a bicycle across a rope or swinging from rings stories above the ground, this is a new spin on team-building for the entire family. And if that’s not enough, sign the crew up to jump from a 40-foot platform on the Epic Adventure Tower ($69; duration of two to three hours) or fly on 10 zip lines, spanning a 1.5 miles on the Castle Rock Zip Line Tour ($89; duration of two to three hours).

If you go: 1975 W. Plum Creek Parkway, Castle Rock, 720-733-2222, crgov.com