I discovered Café ProFusion, a tucked-away curry joint in Dillon, by accident. My family was hungry after a long trip up I-70, and as we raced toward the Silverthorne-Dillon exit, I tapped at my phone, hunting for nearby restaurants that didn’t include “pizzeria” in the name.

My search led me to ProFusion, an East-meets-West eatery. What sold me were the curries—and Bill Dowd and Cindy Trimble’s pledge to honor food-allergy requests. The entire menu, in fact, is gluten-free. But gluten wasn’t my concern—I was worried about my youngest daughter’s allergies to eggs, dairy, nuts, and sesame seeds.

A few minutes later, we located ProFusion in an aging development, upstairs from a laundromat. We had barely settled into the last available table (there are only 14 indoor seats) when Dowd greeted us. He cheerfully answered our questions and pointed out which dishes were safe for us to order. The green and panang curries (made with coconut milk and freshly ground, house-made spice blends) and the New Delhi garbanzo stew were a go.

When the dishes began to arrive, it was clear the bustling, year-and-a-half-old restaurant would become one of our favorites. The chicken in green curry and the pot roast panang were so deeply layered with character and spice that we pulled Dowd aside to ask him about the recipes.

We filled our plates several times over and still had enough to box up for the next day. Now, when we jump in the car and head to the hills, a chant rises from the backseat: “Café ProFusion! Café ProFusion!” 119 La Bonte St., Dillon, 970-513-8336, cafeprofusion.com


New Delhi Garbanzo Bean Stew: $4.50/$7.95

Chicken in Green Curry: $15.75

Pot Roast Panang: $17.75

Braised Babyback Ribs: $18.50

Maple–Star Anise Mousse: $4.75