Speaking of Mayor Hickenlooper, Caitlin over at the High Street Speakeasy said the Mayor was spotted at the bar of the Speakeasy last Saturday night. Hick’s known to be right at home in any neighborhood pub, so that’s not really noteworthy except that the crowd inside the hipster hole-in-the-wall numbered less than 10 souls. The Speakeasy doesn’t get a lot of celebs, and the regulars were so excited they reportedly starting snapping cell phone shots to show their friends.

There’s also a rumor circulating that he was too polite to refuse a woman who asked him to dance at the Walnut Room later that night. Apparently Hick has a typical white-boy sense of rhythm, and someone caught his ungraceful noodling on video. (I’ll be searching the web for the “Chickenlooper” dance video momentarily.)

But back to the Speakeasy. If you have yet to check out this joint, you’re in good company. Business has been slow lately, and owner John Wallace is doing his best to keep the place going with new events to draw in customers. Sunday night, they’ve started showing the Fox Animation Dominaton schedule (Simpsons, Family Guy, etc) and this Sunday Fox 31 TV is expected to be on hand to film the crowd. Assuming that there is a crowd, anyway.

Want to help save the Speakeasy? Head over after 6 p.m. this Sunday (or any day for that matter) and grab a $1 draft to show your support. 3862 High Street, 303-298-9333.