We all likely know someone who claims to not like beer. This person is probably the friend who looks distressed when you visit a brewery that doesn’t serve wine or cocktails, and who orders a cider beer with a sigh.

I have been personally responsible for trying to convince these people that there is, in fact, a beer for them. It’s not all sticky stouts and puckery IPAs out there. Usually, I recommend Vine Street’s Raspberry Wheat or Pyramid Breweries’ Audacious Apricot Ale. And now I’m happy to add Great Divide Brewing’s Colette to my shortlist.

This flirty little Belgian had a group of us stumped when we first tried it. We instantly detected a fruity flavor, but it took a few more wafts before we discovered it was pineapple. (You’ll also smell some banana.) The mouthfeel is sparkling, with notes of citrus and more pineapple, and there’s just a slight hint of hops at the end. It’s the veritable piña colada of beer, and I won’t be surprised if it converts non-beer-drinkers everywhere.

Colette is available in April and May.