“What I’d give for a good night’s sleep,” we’ve all bemoaned, when warm milk and counting sheep don’t score us winks. Well, we’re about to find out. Somnia, the newest shop in Lone Tree’s Park Meadows Mall and the nation’s first wellness-focused retail sleep store, puts a price tag on z’s. In October, three former health-care industry colleagues opened the sleep-clinic-meets-retail concept that offers personalized solutions for perpetual tossers and turners.

For the 100 million people nationwide who struggle with shut-eye, there are two typical prescriptions: a new mattress or an onslaught of tests to find out what’s behind their insomnia. “Eighty percent of people (with obstructive sleep apnea) are not diagnosed; just to get diagnosed could cost $500 or more,” Somnia CEO Peter Fatianow says. “The traditional systems aren’t working right for the majority of people.” Somnia aims to up effectiveness with in-store screenings and a carefully curated suite of sleep-wellness products including supplements. Among the gadgets and gizmos lining the shelves of the Apple-esque store, you’ll find Re-timer Sleep Glasses ($299)—a pair of techy specs that wakes you up with gentle light adjustments instead of an alarm—and Intellibed gel-based mattresses. Other off-the-shelf sleep solutions address complications related to travel, children, maternity, and menopause.

If you’re still struggling, a sleep care coordinator, under the direction of a board-certified physician, provides screenings to diagnose sleep apnea ($99). Additional services include instruction for people who struggle with insomnia ($99) and coaching for the tired parents of restless babies ($300 to $1,000). And Somnia’s staffers speak from experience; most have personally suffered from bedtime obstacles. Should the concept succeed, Fatianow hopes to expand to two more Front Range stores in the next year and eventually go national—sending sheep across the country back to the farm.