Forbes has released its annual list of world billionaires. This year, Colorado has seven on the list, compared to six last year. They are: Charlie Ergen, Philip Anschutz, John Malone, Pat Stryker, Charles Gates Jr. , Gary Magness and Thomas Bailey. Bailey, founder of Janus Funds, had been off the list since 2001. Charlie Ergen of Echostar leads the Colorado list with a worth of more than $7 billion. Phil Anschutz is next with more than $5 billion.

The total number of billionaires is at a record-setting 691. The richest man in the world for the 11th year in a row is Bill Gates, followed by Warren Buffett. Some more statistics on the group:

The billionaires have an average age of 64, and 29 of them are younger than 40, Forbes said. Sixty-eight are female and 26 are single. Of the list, 388 are self-made, meaning they didn’t inherit their money, and 18 are high-school dropouts.

The oldest is 96 and the youngest is 21.