It’s nearly impossible to speak or write about The Big Lebowski without slipping in a reference. The film hits the sweet spot of watchability, outlandish characterization, and cult catchphrases to inspire continued fanaticism.

So, let’s see if we can explore Geeks Who Drink’s Lebowski-inspired “The Dude Imbibes” trivia night with minimal White Russian references. While Geeks typically offers quirky pub quizzes that cover a range of topics, Saturday night’s event is all Lebowski, all night.

For a $5-per-person buy-in, you and your team—and you’re going to need a creative team name to stand out in a room full of Lebowski nerds—have a chance at the winner-take-all cash prize.

The quiz starts at 4 p.m. Saturday at Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub, 2030 Larimer St.