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Size Matters

Remaking the humble sunflower seed.

Sunflower seeds are one of nature’s original snack foods. Ten years ago, however, Justin Havlick, the president and founder of Boulder’s Bigs Sunflower Seeds, had a simple thought: The nibbles needed a makeover. So he assembled a group of confidants and charged them with the mission of bringing seeds back to prominence as America’s snack food of choice. The team came up with three overarching ideas: Use big seeds; coat the shells with the distinctive flavors of established brands like Jim Beam and Hidden Valley Original Ranch; and package the seeds in resealable bags. A decade later, Havlick’s big bet has paid off.

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Size Matters

For men only. Women and children are not allowed in this article. This is strictly a male thing. OK, now that it’s just us guys here, we can talk frankly. Relax and pull up a chair. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, burp if you have to. Are you ready? Penis. There, I’ve said it.

Let’s get it out in the open. Well, not literally.
Until recently, the word “penis” was not to be seen or heard. “Member” or “manhood” seemed to be the appropriate, proper terms in literature. Maybe I should have started this with: For Members Only.