Add Chris Romer to the official list of candidates running to replace Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper after he’s sworn in as governor. As anticipated, the Democrat and son of former Governor Roy Romer will resign his seat in the state Senate at the end of the year to run his campaign (via The Associated Press).

Rounding out the list of prospective candidates so far are James Mejía, executive director of the Denver Preschool Program; Danny Lopez, a city employee; and Denver City Councilmen Doug Linkhart and Michael Hancock, among others.

While Deputy Mayor Bill Vidal will become the acting mayor until the regular election in May, Romer’s announcement has set off a scramble among Democrats eyeing the District 32 seat he will vacate. Among those who have expressed interest, according to State Bill News: State Representative Beth McCann of Denver; Owen Perkins, secretary of the Denver Democratic Party; Irene Aguilar, a local physician; Jeff Hart, a local activist with the Democratic party; and Matt Royster, a local environmentalist.