We’ve got the biggest, beer-iest week of the year coming up, so it is time to study up.

Some light reading: 1. A Beer For All Seasons 2. Colorado’s Best Craft Beers 3. Tapped Out: Denver’s craft brewing scene is poised to grow—exponentially. 4. Beer Buzz: Our six favorites from this year’s Brew at the Zoo 5. Trendspotting: Beer Cocktails 6. In My Kitchen: Brian Dunn, Founder, Great Divide Brewing Company 7. Second Hand: Colorado’s breweries trade beer equipment like baseball cards.

Not satiated?: 1. Wynkoop Brings Ghost Building Restaurant Space Back from the Dead 2. Beer by the Numbers: Colorado’s Best-Selling Craft Brews 3. Governor Hickenlooper’s Inbox: Beer Runs Through It 4. In My Kitchen: Charlie Papazian, founder of Denver’s Great American Beer Festival 5. Beer: Where to Meet and Drink with Other Craft Lovers 6. What did Beer Taste Like Before Prohibition? 7. Why Craft Brewers Want to Keep Their Beer Out of Convenience Stores 8. Where to Sample Some of the Best Dark Craft Beers 9. How to Fake Your Way Through a Beer Tasting 10. How Colorado Brewers Fared at the Great American Beer Festival 11. Pass me a pint: I’m judging the Wynkoop’s annual Beerdrinker of the Year contest. 12. Taste Tests: Colorado brewers push the boundaries of flavor with firkins. 13. Life According To… Kim Jordan 14. The Sudsy Merger of Wynkoop and Breckenridge Breweries 15. On the Growl: Six-packs are fine, but nothing could be finer than drinking draft beer at home—a half-gallon at a time.

That should keep you busy.