The Makerie

If you spent the better part of your summer camp experience in the arts and crafts studio, you can relive those memories during a full-day retreat with four-year-old Makerie. The July 13 Summer on the Farm class ($365) at the charming Lyons Farmette includes immersive craft workshops—choose among succulent design, paleo cooking, woodblock printing, and more—and communal meals (a cocktail hour and picturesque farm dinner among them). Too much of a commitment? Try out one of the dozen-plus online video classes created by the Makerie in conjunction with San Francisco–based how-to masters Creativebug. Our suggestion: Get started with Boulder maker Elke Bergeron’s leather cuff tutorial; in just 18 minutes, you’ll have a brand-new piece for your jewelry collection.

Upstairs Circus

The thwack of hammers hitting wood is familiar to LoDo residents; at Upstairs Circus, though, the din comes from crafts, not construction. At this industrial-looking eight-month-old spot next to the Squeaky Bean, guests pay $35 to make something from a set list of art projects: painting, beading, etching glassware, leatherwork. Pick your medium, order a Circus Donkey (a riff on a Moscow Mule), and grab a seat. The staff provides materials and easy-to-follow instructions. (Note: We said “easy to follow,” not necessarily “easy.”) For the next two hours you’ll be more focused than you were in shop class as you pound nails for a string-art representation of the Centennial State or choose beads for a wrap bracelet. Finish your cocktail over crayons and adult (read: Dinosaurs With Jobs) coloring books.


When you’re ready to step your creativity up a notch, you’re ready for Soulcrafting. The Boulder-based outfit pairs aspiring artisans with master craftsmen for a unique hands-on experience. Whether you want to learn how to make a tote with the talented couple behind Winter Session or fashion a SUP board with Carve (see “Board Games,” page 37), Soulcrafting puts you in the workshop with local maestros. Browse the six-month-old site’s dozens of categories (which are as varied as jam making, woodworking, and gardening) and sign up. A Soulcrafter will contact you about scheduling and customizing the experience; prices range from $50 up into the thousands. While most take place in the crafter’s studio, some classes, such as homebrewing and mixology, can be arranged in your own kitchen.