“Everything is better when it comes in a pink box,” says Kim Boos, handing over a pretty pink pastry box. Inside are two cupcakes topped with swirls of frosting and pink sprinkles. “It kind of makes you feel like you’re getting a present,” says the 31-year-old pastry chef.

There’s been a deluge of local cupcake-shop openings in the last year, but Boulder’s Tee & Cakes, opened last fall by Boos and her artist boyfriend, Brian Wood, deserves particular praise for an interesting take on the small confections.

First, the goodies: Boos’ treats (which also include pies, brownies, and donuts) have a subdued and sophisticated flavor that doesn’t rely on too much sugar. Clearly, she’s a pro. Before opening this shop, Boos was pastry chef for the Dave Query-owned restaurants (Centro, Jax, Lola, West End Tavern, Zolo Grill), and she worked with Breadworks Bakery, Dish Gourmet, and Blue Fine Pastries. She also owns a wedding cake company, Haute Cakes.

Second, the shop: Tee & Cakes also sells silk-screen artwork, apparel, and stationery—all created by Brian Wood. His vintage-inspired hoodies, tees, and canvases have a rock ‘n’ roll and indie aesthetic, which, next to all the pretty pastries, provides the yang to Boos’ yin.

With its location just off the Pearl Street Mall, Tee & Cakes makes for a perfect mid-shopping sugar fix. Try the strawberry-milkshake cupcake.

This article was originally published in 5280 August 2008.
Cheryl Meyers
Cheryl Meyers
Cheryl Meyers is a contributing writer to 5280 Home, which means she gets to spend her days writing about Colorado’s most beautiful indoor spaces.