On the outside, there’s nothing remarkable about the warehouse location of the Boulder Distillery & Clear Spirit Company. But inside, whiskey and vodka stills whir in the background as a bartender mixes the distillery’s potato vodka and whiskey (both sold under the 303 label) into cocktails behind the tasting room’s tall bar.

One such creation, the Vootbeer—made with vanilla-infused vodka, root beer, and whipped cream served over ice—is like liquid nostalgia sucked through a straw. It’s a soda fountain favorite all grown-up. There’s also a bit of history inside that mason jar cocktail: 303 Vodka is derived from a recipe that distillery owner Steve Viezbicke discovered hidden in his Polish grandfather’s trunk. His grandfather, Peter Viezbicke Sr., immigrated to the United States in 1907 to escape World War I, and the cherished family recipe had gone undetected until 2002. After some tinkering, Steve launched the Boulder-based 303 Vodka six years later.

Now, the distillery’s tasting room pours 2,500 drinks a week. Check out the Vootbeer and the rest of the offerings—and ask about the half-dozen vodka infusions that are in rotation. Make nice with the
bartender, and he might pour you tasters of each flavor. 2500 47th St., Ste. 10, Boulder, 303-442-1244, 303vodka.com