In the not-so-distant past, artists were tethered to their representing galleries. Making it big (and sometimes even making a sale) required negotiating a contract with a gallery owner, installing an exhibition, waiting patiently for a piece to catch the eye of a prospective buyer, and, when it did, splitting the profit with the gallery. Now, with the dawn of sites like Saatchi Art, Artsy, and Society6, as well as the influence of Instagram, artists are in control of their output—and, in turn, their creations are more accessible to novice collectors than ever before.

One way Denver artists are reaching these burgeoning art lovers is through prints: easy-to-produce digital replicas that, lucky for us, usually come at a fraction of the price of originals. The idea of reproductions may conjure thoughts of mass-produced posters of “The Starry Night” hanging in college dorm rooms, but up-and-coming artists’ limited-edition varieties add color and movement to a space without sacrificing sophistication. In other words, thanks to these and other distinctive replicas from local creatives, you no longer have an excuse for blank walls.

“HER IV,” Meredith Steele, $100,
“Blueberry Punnets,” Risa Friedman, $50,
“Bluebird,” Kimberly Wolff, price upon request,
Surrender & Trust,” Marsha Robinson, $300,