For Johanna Parker, October 31 is more than just a holiday: It’s her birthday—and the inspiration
behind her line of handcrafted, Halloween-themed figurines (which start at $100). A flair for fine art led Parker to an Emmy-winning stint in 2000 at KUSA Channel 9 for on-air animation.
But when she realized electronic art wasn’t her passion, she went back to her Halloween roots in 2003. Each of the Denverite’s one-of-a-kind pieces—cats, owls, mice, ghosts, and more—is fashioned out of papier-mâché and painted with fastidious detail in the requisite holiday colors (black, orange, and white). Parker’s style is antiquelike, with each character showcasing a soft, aged appearance. Who said Halloween had to be all about the spooky? Exclusive: Read more about Parker’s work—and view it—here.