With Cloverdale, an acclaimed destination restaurant and farm up in Steamboat Springs, you’d think Patrick Ayers would have enough to do this summer. But the ambitious, restlessly creative chef, who’s quickly developing a reputation for his elaborate tasting menus, also likes to host collaboration dinners with chefs around Colorado: “It’s just a lot of fun for me,” he says.

Though Caroline Glover didn’t know Ayers before he reached out to her to gauge her interest in a joint event, the nationally acclaimed chef-owner of Annette sensed a kindred spirit and thought it sounded like a great idea. “We both have really small, young restaurants,” she says, and while “we have different styles of cooking, we’re both about using the best ingredients and letting them speak for themselves.” Given that there’s no better time to do that than peak summer, Ayers will come to Annette to co-host a five-course dinner on August 11.

They’re still finalizing the menu, but expect a harvest bounty: Concord grapes with cucumbers and guanciale; preserved eggplant with coriander and house cheese; bison teres major with warm lettuce; smoked Colorado bass with cauliflower and tomatoes from Ayers’ farm. And, as the season dictates, there will be grilled Palisade peaches for dessert. Cloverdale’s Cody Robison and Craft Wines’ Paul Stroud, who consults on Annette’s wine list, will oversee the optional beverage pairings.

If you go: Two seatings are available for the $75 prix fixe (plus $35 drink supplement): 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. To book, call Annette at 720-710-9975. Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St., #108, Aurora