Many say that the much-lauded chocolate-chip cookies are the ideal dessert. Not for me; I find them too one-note. But hand me a Booty Bar, and I’m enraptured. Kristy Greenwood of Victory Love + Cookies is one of Denver’s most innovative bakers, and with this bar she creates crunchy, chewy, soft, sweet perfection. The base is shortbread slathered with dulce de leche, topped with a wafer made of Nutella, Rice Krispies, and milk chocolate. Then there’s another layer of dulce de leche and, ultimately, a thin flourless brownie. If this sounds rich, it is. But eaten cold (as in, straight from the fridge), these squares achieve a balance and a lightness (yes!) that I’ve never found in a chocolate-chip cookie. 3200 Irving St., 303-455-7194,