Stocks saw their biggest one-day gain since November as Citigroup announced its best quarterly performance since 2007, according to numerous news organizations, including MSN, which notes The Dow Jones industrial closed up 379 points, or 5.8 percent, at 6,926 yesterday.

The Denver Business Journal reports that DCT Industrial Trust Inc. benefited most from the “rare glimmer of good news on the banking front” in Colorado. There is also some positive news out of Greeley, where 18 percent of employers are expected to hire more workers between April and June, according to the Northern Colorado Business Report, although 8 percent will probably reduce their payrolls.

Another bright spot for Colorado is the state’s aerospace industry, the second largest in the nation, employing 26,000 people in the private sector and 171,000 in related jobs, according to Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien in her monthly podcast.

Indeed, the news was so good everywhere that the government did what it does best: spend billions of dollars–$410 billion to be exact. The bill that funds the government, including controversial pet projects, passed 62-35 with Colorado’s Mark Udall and Michael Bennet voting yes, according to The Associated Press.