The search for the body of the man whose wife says he was shot in the head after straying over the U.S. border into the Mexican waters on Lake Falcon may soon end, according to 5News in Texas, which reports that Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez Jr. says Mexican divers have halted their efforts to find David Hartley’s body. Gonzalez adds that he hasn’t been in touch with any of the Mexican investigators on the case in the last two days, noting that the beheading of one had a chilling effect on attempts to recover Hartley’s remains.

A Colorado native, Hartley and his wife may have been mistaken by a drug cartel for scouts from a rival gang, writes CBS News, citing a report by STRATFOR Global Intelligence, a group that provides analysis of the drug war. The truck Hartley and his wife used to haul their Jet Skis to the lake had Mexican license plates, and the couple rode onto the Old Guerrero portion of the lake, where a drug war has been ongoing. Both discoveries point to the possibility that the couple was misidentified by cartel members.