After the “After”: What the Makeover Meant

When 5280 set out to find a deserving candidate in need of a new outlook, we chose non-profit leader Patti Bennett, co-founder and executive director of Colorado Youth at Risk. Here’s how the makeover went, in her words.

It has been fun to have a new look, providing me a whole new confidence in myself. I feel younger, and have an updated look that I love.

The makeup instruction and products from Michael Moore has me wanting to wear makeup rather “having” to wear makeup. It looks natural. The foundation made for me smoothed out my wrinkles, and my skin color is more even. And it lasts the whole day!

Stylist Jody Martinez added highlights to my hair and gave me a fun, new look. When I saw myself I had tears! Jody is so talented and has a way of helping people see the best of themselves. It was the first time I had my hair styled in a salon in 8 years.

Sally at Barbara and Company was wonderful accessorizing a fabulous sweater and pants. She was reassuring and patient, and had me in an outfit that felt “like me.” I feel like a million dollars wearing my new look—I now see the importance of owning one or two quality outfits to have available to wear to business meetings. It has also been great when trying to get my children out of the door in the morning that I don’t have to worry about what I am going to wear and how I look.

Voice lessons with Hilary Blair were fun and extremely helpful; Hilary taught me how to use my voice differently depending on the situation, and I have confidence in my speaking voice whether talking one on one or to a room of 600.

The whole experience was beyond fun—it was acknowledging, refreshing, and eye-opening. The timing was perfect as I was transitioning into a new position as Executive Director of Colorado Youth at Risk. Walking into meetings with major donors is a different experience; I have had an increased air of confidence due to looking and feeling fabulous.

Having a makeover has also reminded me of the importance of taking time out for yourself every now and then. It is easy to get caught up in family, work, children, community and to forget how important it is to take care of yourself.

Natasha Reynolds, program director for Colorado Youth at Risk, nominated her boss and mentor for the 5280 makeover. Here’s her take on Patti’s transformation:

Patti has always been one of the most intelligent, open and caring women I know. She has been a mentor to me for many years. When we first told her that we nominated her for the make over and that she had been chosen, she was excited and nervous at the same time. When we found out that she would be receiving voice lessons to help with her speech at the CYAR fundraiser in November and that she would be wearing a brand new outfit, we were all so excited. She spent many days preparing for her speech which would be in front of nearly 700 people. She was nervous, as almost anyone would be in the days leading up to our event.

The morning of our event, I walked in to the ballroom and caught a quick glimpse of this powerful, gorgeous woman at the other end of the room. I was amazed as I looked closer and saw that it was Patti! She looked amazing and I could tell by the look in her eye that she felt just the same. Her speech was absolutely fantastic. It was clear that the voice lessons and her new “power outfit” had provided that extra push she needed to bravely stand in front of a room of CYAR guests, donors, mentors and youth and deliver a fabulous, clear, concise speech that moved many people into action around supporting our agency and our community. It is no doubt that just having the experience of being taken care of in this way has given Patti more confidence in all of her roles in life.

On behalf of our CYAR staff, thank you for choosing Patti for this 5280 makeover. It truly has been amazing to watch her transform while continuing to be the amazing leader she is.