Since the days of Frank Tripucka and brown and yellow socks, the denizens of this fair state have worshipped at the altar of all things Denver Broncos. Even with a coaching change and the off-season embarrassment that was the Jay Cutler/Josh McDaniels feud, there’s little hope for the city’s other three major teams to steal the mantle of Colorado’s most beloved team. So that got us thinking: Who’s number two? Certainly, the Nuggets are the obvious choice, but it wasn’t long ago that the Rockies (and, before that, the Avalanche) were vying for the slot. Here, we break it down.


Last season 54–28
Average attendance 17,223
Most recent postseason 2009 Western Conference Finals
Gear/throwback jersey potential Alex English, David Thompson.
We love you now because… You made it cool to be an NBA fan again. Also: Watching Kenyon Martin piss off Mark Cuban was awesome.
Why number two? The Nuggets might be the city’s only postseason-bound team (again), with the potential to reach its first-ever NBA finals. George Karl and Co. have reached the playoffs five consecutive years, and Carmelo Anthony is finally settling into his star role. That Chauncey guy is pretty good, too.
Why not? You broke our hearts in 1985 and 1994, so it’s only fitting that you’d jilt us in this decade too.


Current season 62-51 (as of press time)
Average attendance 33,127
Most recent postseason 2007 National League Champions
Gear/throwback jersey potential None, unless you want to rock a Denny Neagle jersey for laughs.
We love you now because… Upper management finally decided to dump Clint Hurdle. The team is a playoff contender. The young pitching staff.
Why number two? Give these new-look Rockies a chance: Jim Tracy has been a competent—if not a downright good manager—and beer tastes sweeter in the Rockpile.
Why not? Dude, these are the Rockies. They’ll be back to below-.500 baseball sometime, and the rebuilding will start again.


Last season 32–45–5
Average attendance 15,429
Most recent postseason 2008 Conference Semifinals
Gear/throwback jersey potential Any name on the back of a Quebec Nordiques jersey; Joe Sakic, Patrick Roy, Peter Forsberg, Ray Bourque.
We love you now because… Nothing beats the Pepsi Center pandemonium after a big Avs goal.
Why number two? One of the most respected teams in hockey, the Avs won two Stanely Cups and a record nine straight division titles, and posted 487 consecutive sellouts.
Why not? Quick: Name five current players—without cheating. An Avs game used to mean seeing future hall-of-famers, but now that Sakic has hung up his skates, there aren’t any stars on this team.