When Theresa Halliburton moved to Kristen Kapoor’s Lakewood neighborhood in 2015, their friendship sprouted over a shared appreciation for charcuterie and florals. Halliburton, a passionate gardener and former owner of the Highland fragrance shop Uncommon Scents, and Kapoor, an avid entertainer, began crafting meat-and-cheese boards decorated with edible flowers by request for family and friends. That hobby eventually blossomed into making petal-laced crackers, and four years later the duo founded Flouwer Co. To create their complex, aromatic signature snacks—perfect for an at-home happy hour on February 14—they carefully layer cracker batter with medleys of marigold, rose, nasturtium, and cosmo petals and sprigs of dill, rosemary, and chives. In 2021, the friends released a line of dry, ready-to-muddle cocktail cubes that infuse libations with fragrant botanical flavors. Try crushing the orange blossom and marigold variety in a glass of bourbon; the bright citrus notes and the oak and honey make a flawless pairing—just like you and your sweetie.

Photo by Joni Schrantz